People of Southport: Caron

People of Southport: Caron
  • October 5th, 2016
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Caron has been working here for almost a year now; creating beautiful salads, perfect sandwiches, prepping catering and making us all laugh in the process. He wasn’t sure what to do after high school but culinary school seemed like a good option and he ended up really enjoying cooking professionally. Turns out he’s good at it too! He feels like he’s learned a lot in his time at Southport: “You learn so much working with Tanner and Noemi, since they’re so good at plating and just making everything taste awesome. It can be a fine line working with some flavors but they always get it just right.”

The first thing he fell in love with here was the house-made granola and it’s still his favorite thing to snack on. When asked what his favorite menu item is, he says it has to be anything Noemi makes. His grandmother hails from Louisiana, so when he cooks at home it tends to be “Southern style: fried this, fried that, stewed this, stewed that.”

When he’s not cooking, he’s most likely doing something artistic – he loves drawing and make up art, or checking out new places to eat and drink with friends. He also loves some good Beyoncé trivia.



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