Home baker’s heaven at Southport Grocery

Home baker’s heaven at Southport Grocery
  • October 18th, 2016
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It’s that time of year, when you break out your baking tins and want to make all the things on your perfectly curated Pinterest boards! Need a few baking staples to get you started? We’ve got you covered with a whole host of spices, emulsions, specialty sugar and more!



LorAnn Emulsions: these robust flavorings are used in place of flavor extracts and are preferred by professional bakers since they don’t “Bake out” when exposed to heat. Perfect for flavoring all of your cookies, cakes, frostings and fillings. We have a whole range to choose from, including red velvet, buttery sweet dough and almond. 4fl oz bottles are $4.95



Spice House Spice Mixes: blends of the freshest, highest grade spices. Here are 3 of our favorites and how to use them. Cake Spice can be used in place of cinnamon in pies, cakes, etc. You can even sprinkle it over poached fruit. Apple Pie Spice can also be used in place of cinnamon and is great in apple sauce, oatmeal or in french toast. Pumpkin Pie Spice – simply add to your pie filling and hey presto, it’ll taste amazing! 2oz jars are $7.95-8.95



Rancho Gordo’s Piloncillo is a hand crafted sugar made from evaporated sugar cane juice. This rich Mexican sugar is made using traditional methods but it’s not the flat, sweet-only, flavor profile that white refined sugar gives; piloncillo is slightly smoky, rich with earthiness and mellow caramel flavors.  You can use it in anything you’d use regular sugar for, it’ll just taste that much better!  1lb package is $10.25



We have lots of gourmet ingredients that we use in our own bakery on the shelves: cinnamon chips, toffee pieces, chocolate chips, etc. And don’t forget the sprinkles!!! Between colorful mixes for kids and the more sophisticated gold, silver and pearl dragees, we’ve got something for everyone! If you’re not a from-scratch kinda person, we also have a great range of mixes that are quick and easy to prepare, including chocolate toffee, cinnamon chip or cranberry scones. Prices vary.

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