People of Southport: Fredy

People of Southport: Fredy
  • October 25th, 2016
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Fredy started out here as a dishwasher, but our kitchen staff saw his potential working with food and he eventually became a prep cook. There would be no hash without Fredy, and considering it’s our number one selling menu item, he plays an important role in our kitchen! He assists our chefs with all their prep work, whether it’s cleaning and chopping veggies, creating sauces or putting together catering orders.

He really enjoys working here, especially since he learns so much each day. He might be far away from his family (in Guatemala) but it doesn’t feel that way since he feels like part of the family here too. He gets on great with everyone and while he works on his English, the rest of us attempt our best Spanglish to talk to him, which makes him giggle!

When he cooks at home, he’s a straight forward meat, soup and rice kind of guy. He loves living in Chicago: “it’s a beautiful, diverse city with very polite people, amazing buildings and a great Summer. I’m very happy here.” In his free time, he likes going out with friends, playing soccer, going to the park and listening to music.

Fredy always has a smile for everyone and we enjoy having him around just as much as he enjoys being here!

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