New Preserves

New Preserves
  • November 9th, 2016
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We had an appearance at the Low Line Market’s community stand this Summer, and a long term customer came up and told us that she wished we made pie filling. She loved our other preserves and wished she could make an easy pie with just a crust and a jar of filling. We thought it was a great idea so we got to work straight away. Tracey, our talented preservationist, came up with the following two fillings:

Apple Pie Filling

Made with 3 varieties of apples from Mick Klug Farm (Jona Gold, Ida Red & Cortland), this is a classic mixture with lots of cinnamon and some vanilla to round out all the apples. The really great thing about this pie filling is that it was made during peak apple season, so when you’re ready to make your Holiday pies and can’t find good apples in the depths of Winter, this jar will be your savior. Eating out of season done right!

We had the best results when we made it to use an apple pie with a crumble topping, as opposed to a double pie crust where the apple might get a little too soft inside. You really can use it for anything though: finger print cookies, home made pop tarts, hand pies, apple cobblers, etc. It would be great in oatmeal too.


Pear & Niagra Grape Pie Filling

Years ago, Tracey ate an amazing grape pie when she was visiting the North Fork wine region in NY. She still remembers it well and was inspired to make something similar with grapes. Since we’re right at the end of peak produce season, there isn’t a whole lot left to work with but pears and grapes were both still in season so we thought “let’s try it” and ended up loving the result. Niagra grapes are simply a white variety of the typical concord grape: plenty of flavor without the purple color. We used both Bosc and Asian Pears for a variety of textures and some vanilla and cardamom to round everything out. This filling is especially great if you love grapes or just want something a little different.


Another great new preserve to try:

Raspberry Rosé Jam

After we made our raspberry apple sauce this year, we still had lots of raspberries left over, so we wondered what to do with them. We’re firm believers in “waste not want not!” After a little experimentation, this is what we came up with. The Rosé ends up being quite delicate and nicely balances out the tartness of the fruit. We think this jam would make a great gift for all the wine lovers out there. It would also be fantastic in a cocktail (Kir Royales here we come!) or on a cheeseboard.


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