Our Christmas Cookies

Our Christmas Cookies
  • December 9th, 2016
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It’s finally Christmas cookie season! Our bakery has smelled even more delicious than usual this week, with wafts of buttery cookies and chocolate floating in the air. So we decided to share these gratuitous close-ups from to get you salivating. If you can’t wait a second longer to try these, don’t worry: they’re available right now!

It all started with our owner Lisa’s grandmother & a long standing family tradition which we’re happy to continue in our bakery each year. Butter cookie candy canes with light touches of sweet frosting, dense and nutty almond cookies impossible to ignore, rich Christmas trees with crunchy nonpareils, beautiful checkerboard cookies and more, all boxed into just-right size for home munching or taking to the family.

These cookies have become a heartfelt Southport Grocery tradition. We put all the Christmas cheer, love, and a fair amount of sugar and butter into each cookie.

Want to get your hands on a box or six? Come on by, or call ahead to make sure we’ve got some because we only make a limited supply, and they always go fast! $17.50 for a 1lb box or $8.95 for a 1/4lb cylinder.

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