Preserve Periodical Gift Basket

Preserve Periodical Gift Basket
  • December 13th, 2016
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Looking for a local gift for the Holidays? How about our Preserve Periodical Gift Basket, made right here in the grocery and featured in the Lakeview Gift Guide. Perfect for anyone who likes to cook, or loves a good preserve. All of our preserves are canned when the fruit & veggies are at their peak, so you get to enjoy the best of Summer in the depths of Winter! Eating out of season done right!

The gift basket includes 4 preserves (listed below) and our Preserve Periodical Volume 2, which has plenty of great recipes and ideas for using the preserves.

Dilly Beans

Bread & Butter Pickles

Pepper Jelly

Cocktail Cherries

The basket is $45. If you don’t see one at the checkout, feel free to ask our staff and they’ll have one put together for you.


Pictured: Red Pepper Turkey Burger, made using our Pepper Jelly. Yum!




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