Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Holiday Gift Guide 2016
  • December 18th, 2016
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We’ve put together a list of our favorite grocery items for gifting this Holiday Season. There’s a good range of sweets, chocolate, drinks and of course our house made preserves. Stop by and check a bunch of people off your shopping list!

Toadally Cute Petit Caramel Gift Box: 4 little jars of their amazing goat milk caramels: original, vanilla bean, cinnamon & salted bourbon caramel. Made by a family run business in Brookfield, Vermont, they’re all fantastic on ice cream or straight out of the jar! Just imagine that salted bourbon caramel drizzled over your favorite dessert! Yum! $26.95

Veruca Chocolate Gelt: kosher chocolate coins for grown ups. Perfect for Hanukkah gifts and dreidel games. The coins are modeled on an actual Judean coin dating back to the 4th decade BCE, and are airbrushed gold. Decadent and delicious. $14.95


Sucre Holiday Box: we’ll be bringing a box of these to every dinner party we attend this Winter! Perfectly cute and holiday themed without being too “Christmassy” in design. $34.50

Our Nuts: Vanilla Walnuts, Cinnamon Cayenne Cashews and Pecans au Poivre are all perfect for snacking on this time of year. They’re also great to bake with or in salads. $10.95-15.95

Katherine Anne Salted Caramel Drinking Chocolate: It doesn’t get any richer than this salted caramel drinking chocolate. It’s basically a melted truffle with every sip. Enjoy it on a cold night for serious coziness. Marshmallows optional! $17.95


Askinosie C-Ration Month’s Supply: the ultimate gift for the chocolate lover in your life! It’s a whole month’s supply of chocolate packaged up in this cute ration themed container. It even includes extra pieces, for those days when you need more than four. $75.95

Wine & Cheese: some people like their holiday gifts on the more savory side and that’s where cheese comes in! Pick a bunch of different cheeses and we can help you choose the right bottle of wine to complement them. Prices vary depending on selection.


TeaPigs: these tins are perfect for getting cozy this winter. Warm up with some great tea & reuse the tin to store your favorite tea or treats. $8.95

Jacobsen Spicy Salt Trio: Great for a budding chef or spice fiend. You can liven up a cocktail, spice up your salsa or even try elevating your desserts with this awesome trio. We’ve heard they’re fantastic sprinkled on fruit sorbets. $27.95

Our Mustard Trio: this box has 4oz each of our amazing Mostarda di Frutta, Horseradish Mustard, & Ramp Mustard. A great gift for the mustard lover, or anyone who gets bored of the same old sandwiches every day. These are sure to spice things up at lunch time and beyond. $20.95


Preserve Periodical Gift Basket: This basket was featured in this year’s Lakeview Holiday Gift Guide and contains 4 house made preserves & our preserve periodical, with recipes & ideas for using the preserves. Perfect for anyone who likes to cook, or loves a good preserve. All of our preserves are canned when the fruit & veggies are at their peak, so you get to enjoy the best of Summer in the depths of Winter! Eating out of season done right! $45





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