Holy Smoke: Olive Oil & Honey

Holy Smoke: Olive Oil & Honey
  • February 1st, 2017
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The two founders of Holy Smoke met while working at a restaurant and soon became great friends and eventually business partners, based in Charleston, South Carolina. Between their love of food and machines, they came up with a method of cold smoking olive oil without losing the integrity of the oil. The end product is a rich and buttery, smooth olive oil with a deliciously smokey finish. We loved their smoked honey too so have added both to our shelves:

Smoked Olive Oil: “like liquid bacon that’s good for you” according to holy smoke! Drizzle on hummus, pizza, soups, salads and roasted veggies for some great smokey flavor and added richness. It’s 100% natural, raw & vegan. 8.5oz bottle is $13.95

Smoked Honey: this raw smoked honey is great added to tea & coffee, poured over chicken & waffles or French toast, or added to marinades & cocktails. We drizzled it on a freshly baked biscuit and it was pure bliss! 12oz jar is $14.95

Holy Smoke have some great recipes on their site, including smoked chimichurri, granola, honey butter, some fantastic looking cocktails and more!

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