Garden Granola

Garden Granola
  • February 22nd, 2017
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Love granola but tired of eating the same one day in, day out? Well you’ll probably love this breath of fresh (granola) air from Victory Dance Foods, a mother & daughter operated company in Oak Park, Illinois. The amazing red color is down to beetroot, but that’s not the only whole food juice you’ll find in there. It also includes pineapple, ginger, lemon & apple juice, along with gluten free oats, cranberries, buckwheat, coconut and more. Talk about packing a fruit & grain punch!

Making sure that their products are gluten free is of utmost importance since Maddie the company’s founder has celiac’s disease. Make your gluten free friends happy and get them a bag to snack on! It’s fantastic on its own, or with yogurt, or even try sprinkling on desserts for some crunch. Maddie tells us she uses the granola to garnish soups – a nice crouton alternative! We can see it working great in salads too. The possibilities are endless!

You won’t be able to stop nibbling this granola – it’s THAT delicious. We devoured it here in the store.


8oz bag is $10.50

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