People of Southport: Terri

People of Southport: Terri
  • March 29th, 2017
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Terri has been baking for us since June of 2015. Believe it or not, the biggest chunk of her professional life has been in medical device sales, not in crafting the perfect biscuits she’s known for! After years of working in sales and then some time off to reassess her career, Terri toyed with becoming a personal chef or maybe even working in restaurant management. Then one day, she happened to be in the neighborhood running errands when she saw our window ad for a full time baker. She felt like she wasn’t qualified but her husband convinced her to apply and drop off a box of her famous lemon pound cake and cinnamon buns to prove she was up to the challenge.  In the meantime, she was away visiting her sister in LA. When she was waiting for her flight back to Chicago, Lisa (our owner) emailed to say she loved the baked goods and she’d love to have her come in and try out for the position. Terri was so excited and caught up in the moment of potentially being a baker at Southport that she completely spaced on getting to her gate on time and missed her flight, which just so happened to be the last one that night! She made it back eventually and impressed us all with her skills, so the rest is history! 🙂

Terri started out baking early, learning from her grandma & mom, making all sorts of cookies and cakes alongside her siblings. She loves how creative baking is and has worked on several of our Secret Supper dinners, crafting beautiful desserts like the tart pictured below. It’s a marinated peach tart, with a honey yogurt mousse. She loves that she has space to be creative here, coming up with new recipes and tweaking the old ones to perfection. Over the course of her time at Southport Grocery she’s learned a lot about the science of baking and is always eager to know more: “I read cookbooks like other people read novels.” Fresh bread right out of the oven is her favorite, along with our chop salad and “all the preserves” since she can’t pick just one.

When she’s not working, you’ll find Terri hanging with her best gals: Agnes, Sadie & Lucy (the family labradors), zipping around town in her yellow Mini, getting her nails done, checking out neighborhood restaurants, running by the 606, and baking delicious treats for her husband (lucky guy!) and family.


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