Want to eat beer? Try Regrained’s Granola Bars

Want to eat beer? Try Regrained’s Granola Bars
  • April 28th, 2017
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We’re loving these sustainable super grain bars from ReGrained in San Francisco. Made with grain harvested from local craft breweries, these bars are high in protein & fiber and also reduce waste from the beer brewing process. “Brew Good. Bake Good. Do Good” is their mantra and we love it. Reducing food waste is always top of mind for us, and we’ve created lots of new products from parts of food that wouldn’t have been used otherwise, so we love to see others doing similar things.

The company founders brewed their own beer when they were in college but were shocked by the amount of raw material left behind. So they started baking bread with their spent grains and things escalated from there. They’ve come up with the following two bars, both available in our grocery:

Honey Cinnamon IPA: made with pale spent grain and honey, almonds, oats & cinnamon

Coffee Chocolate Stout: made with dark spent grain, semi sweet chocolate & coffee.

We’re excited to see what Regrained come up with next!

$2.50 per bar

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