New Pantry Essential: Aida Crackers

New Pantry Essential: Aida Crackers
  • July 25th, 2017
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These crackers were born from a demand for wine bar nibbles. The owners at Lois, a wine bar in NYC, were getting so much demand for their in house snacks, that they started producing them for sale beyond their lovely establishment. Made with simple, real ingredients, these crackers are so flavorful and have great texture. Not to mention the beautiful packaging! We think these would make a lovely hostess gift, along with some cheese.

  Rye Crackers: these have a lovely complex flavor and a perfect snap. Some pairing suggestions include: smoked salmon with creme fraiche, avocado with radish and cucumber, or any delicious cheese.

  Sourdough Crackers: it might sound silly but we were really struck by how sour these are –  in a good way! If you love that sour tang to your favorite bread, then you’re going to love these crackers. They’re really crunchy and perfectly salted too. Aida suggests pairing these with soft spreadable cheeses, spicy meat spreads (like n’duja) or even paté

There are plenty of other imaginative ways to use these crackers, for example you could throw them in a blender and use as breadcrumbs (to coat fish or chicken or maybe even as a topping for mac ‘n cheese), or even crumble them up for croutons in a salad or soup.

Some cheeseboard advice from the ladies at Aida here.



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