New Preserve: Montmorency Cherry Sauce

New Preserve: Montmorency Cherry Sauce
  • August 10th, 2017
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If you love cherries, then you’ll be very happy to hear we have a new tart cherry sauce on the shelves, with whole cherries from Klug’s farm in Michigan, preserved in a light syrup. There’s something about Michigan cherries that’s just amazing – such concentrated & deliciously tart flavor. The state produces 75% of the tart cherries grown in the US, with the primary variety being the Montmorency.

This sauce will be great on desserts, even as simple as warming it and pouring over vanilla ice cream. None of those fake cherries on sundaes around here!! Try them at breakfast time on pancakes or french toast too.

We do have cocktail cherries for drinks, but these would work just as well in cocktails too. There’s even a little Luxardo liquor in there so it’s a great start to a Manhattan or maybe even a Hemingway Daquiri.

You could also use it in a more savory capacity too – like as a glaze on chicken or duck.

So many possibilities! Grab a jar today!

1/2 pint jar is $8.50

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