Our cheese selection right now…

Our cheese selection right now…
  • September 22nd, 2017
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Ludwig Farmstead Creamery: 

Based in Fithian, IL, making them the most local of our cheeses. They specialize in European style, raw milk, aged cheeses which will provide a nice texture and flavor contrast on your cheese board. The idea of starting a creamery on site came from Jake, one of the Ludwig boys. He started working on a true farmstead cheese brand that included his family’s pristine cattle, learning the trade at a Pennsylvania creamery, and coming back to the farm to plan and start his own. Sadly Jake passed unexpectedly but his family saw his dream through and got the cheese production going, serving as a wonderful tribute to their son.

4 to choose from: Jake’s Wheel Havarti-Style, Vermilion River Blue Triple Cream, Jake’s Habanero Havarti-Style and Kickapoo


Red Barn Family Farms:

A series of family owned farms in Eastern Wisconsin provide the milk to make Red Barn’s cheese. Each farm is small, with fewer than 70 cows, all known by name and not a number. The farmers must operate by a set of “Red Barn Rules,” ensuring excellent animal health and resulting in a high quality product.

2 options are: Heritage White Cheddar and Monterey Jack


Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese

“The quality of our cheese is only as good as the milk,” and that’s why Kenny’s, based in Barren County, Kentucky, make it a high priority to keep their animals in tip top healthy conditions. Their cows end up living about twice as long as the average for their breeds.

Just 1 at the moment: Kentucky Moon, but it’s a standout with unique sweetness and lovely buttery notes. It makes a great fondue.


Our cheeses do rotate, so come by and check out what’s available! There’s something for everyone!



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