tastes of warmer weather

tastes of warmer weather
  • February 27th, 2018
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Yes, we are all craving spring! …  longer days and warmer weather.  And for us, local fruits and veges.  But, we need to ‘hold our horses’ … the first spring time crops, ramps and rhubarb are still months away.

Tracey, our award-winning preservationist, has set us up right …. feast on local green tomatoes, cauliflower, carrots, peppers, cucumbers, and berries in some of our favorite café foods (and pick up a jar in the grocery).  We will tied you over until the warm part of spring.

our savory pull apart muffin  sweet tomato preserves, goat cheese & garden herbs







cruffin  muffin meets croissant filled with seasonal preserves











seasonal chop salad  romaine lettuce, chicken, local tomato, pickled green tomato, bacon, radish, cucumber, broccoli, feta cheese  & parmesan crisps with our buttermilk herb dressing








the southport cuban  smoked brisket, jake’s country meats ham, saxony gruyère, dijonnaise, jake’s giard & arugula on grilled house made dutch crunch bread with a dill pickle











korean bbq chicken sandwich bbq’d chicken breast, bread & butter pickle, arugula & soy cilantro aioli on grilled tuscan roll

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