Stay Off The Grass…

  • March 20th, 2008
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…unless you’re gonna eat it! The Easter Bunny created Edible Easter Grass ($3.50) to line your Easter Baskets.

And what to hide in the Edible Easter Grass? How about Delectable Candy Edibles? Reigelein Confiserie Bunnies ($5.00) & Fran’s Gift Box of Milk Chocolate Bunny, Caramel Chicks, & Caramel Egg ($10.50) are two of our favorites.
The Easter Bunny Eats Grass…Why Not You?

Southport Grocery & Cafe has also created some Edible Easter Boxes ($6.50) of our very own. This limited supply is bursting with Jelly Bellies, Miniature Chocolate Bunnies &, of course, grass of the edible variety.

Stop in for Basket Stuffers or join us for Brunch on Easter Sunday. We’ll be open our regular hours (8am – 4 pm).

Have a Safe and Happy Easter!

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