Fall Menu?

  • November 12th, 2008
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If we determined seasons solely by the weather, we might have to agree that Autumn came and went last week. All of a sudden it is Winter! However, the fact remains, that there are still
3 weeks until the last Fall holiday, Thanksgiving. That gives you plenty of time to try the New Fall Menu at Southport Grocery & Cafe.

For breakfast our menu takes a turn toward comfort. The Brisket & Gravy smothers house-smoked brisket gravy over a homemade biscuit and beneath fried eggs. Keeps you warm on cold Winter (read: Autumn) mornings.

As long as the leaves have fallen from the trees, it’s okay to eat gravy for breakfast!

When it’s cold outside, tuna salad doesn’t quite cut it. A Tuna Melt made with pan-seared albacore tuna sure does. Served straight from the oven and seaped with roasted red
pepper, green olive aioli & local butterkasse cheese, this delightful sandwich melts in your mouth.

What’s fresh? What’s local? These are the 2 main questions driving the changes in our seasonal menus. Whether it’s fresh root vegetables in our new Chop Salad
or local apples in our new Stuffed French Toast, it’s all Fall Menu fodder…

…even if it feels like Winter outside.

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