Rishi Tea, the meticulously brood over tea

  • December 23rd, 2009
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Jasmine PearlIn the current landscape of tea there are a near infinite number of choices out there.  We have scoured and found some of the finest tea we’ve had – Rishi Tea. Luckily they weren’t far and were based less than 100 miles away in Milwaukee – Lisa Santos’, the owner of Southport Grocery, hometown.  From green to black to herbal and beyond, there is a tea for any palette.

Like a cup of tea you had with in the cafe?  We carry all of the tea from the cafe on the shelf – and some that aren’t.  One of our favorites is the Organic Jasmine Pearl tea (pictured left) – it’s light and has a smooth earthiness unlike many over-bearing green teas; an ideal soft pick-me-up tea for those long winter days that never seem to end.

Joshua Kaiser, founder of Rishi Tea, wanted to bring what had flourished in wine for years to tea –  exceptional, hand picked, organic, and made with the best possible leaves.  The midwest based Rishi Tea has grown, but their quality hasn’t been compromised – still visiting the tea fields and hand selecting just the right ingredients.

One of the greatest things about tea is sharing, and we want to share with you some of the best tea out there.

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