TCHO Chocolate, intensely obsessive chocolate

TCHO_A_DAY_30Obsessively good chocolate.  All very dark and all very delicious – TCHO chocolates are rich with all those ‘good things’ that chocolate provides: powerful antioxidants, amino acids, and happiness.  Here at Southport Grocery, we carry the 30 day prescriptions as well as single 5gram bars, small enough for a nibble.  Four types in the TCHO family: fruity, nutty, citrus, chocolatey – each with a distinct flavor and slightly different percent of cacao to bring out the richness of the chocolate.

A technology and chocolate came together to make TCHO, a chocolate manufacturing company at it’s core – one of the few artisan chocolate makers in the US. They don’t just melt other’s chocolate, they themselves create the chocolate in their factory on the famous San Francisco waterfront.  They are constantly checking the quality, from pod to bean to the machines. Small batch, tasty, hand picked – what is not to love?

TCHO obsesses over their chocolate and we’re sure you’ll do the same after one taste.

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