Besto Pesto, aptly named pesto

besto pestoPesto is a real thing of beauty. Simple ingredients, and strong green color that makes a good addition to pasta sauce and the like. It is also tricky to get right, too watery usually, but we at Southport Grocery found someone who got pesto right: Besto Pesto. Small batches of deliciously spreadable pesto with just right right amount of Parmesan and Romano cheese, basil, and a hint of lemon to make any cracker not getting a smear jealous. Besto Pesto is titillating on your tilapia, prefect for your pasta, and your bruschette will be begging for more.

You won’t have to bury this pesto, eat it on crackers or by the spoonful! You can find Besto Pesto in our freezer.

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  1. John K - January 20, 2010

    This stuff is delicious on anything. I eat it on bread, (TOASTED AND NON), crackers, any kind of pasta, even on baked potatoes. You will love it.


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