Oaks Chocolate Bars, melty is in the name


Have a taste for chocolate? Pick up an Oak’s Melty or Malty Melty Bar.

Chocolate bar, aren’t there thousands of those?

Not likes these. Whipped chocolate center and a snappy thick chocolate coating. Oaks have a thick layer of smooth, rich chocolate coating the outside, providing a snap when biting into the bar.  The inside is whipped chocolate, not too heavy and not too light. There are two types of Oaks bars: the Malty Melty has a center with  Malt powder – like those sweet shakes from your childhood, and the Melty Melty is all chocolate all the time.

Who makes them and where are they from?

For over 100 years and five generations Oaks Chocolate has been making chocolate candies in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and we now bring that delicious tradition to you!

Just need a small bit of something chocolaty?

Yeah, we all do sometimes. We’re often overwhelmed by ‘King’ sizes and even regular sized candy bars – packed full of over sugared caramel and too much of everything. The Oak bars the the perfect size and never overwhelming. Oak’s bars are the ideal quell to your chocolate addiction – so much so even Saveur Magazine couldn’t ignore them, mentioning them in their top 100 of this year

Want to pick one or five up?

We’ve got them for you. If we’re low or out, we can always order some for you.

  1. sherry vigue - November 10, 2013

    Please let me know where I can order melty bars from…I haven’t had one in yrs and they were always one of my favorites.
    thank you

    • jake - November 11, 2013

      Hey Sherry,

      We don’t carry Melty Bars any longer but you can always order their bars, chocolate and much more from their website: http://bit.ly/1hzXrQp

      Thanks, and good luck!


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