Rancho Gordo, Not Your Regular Beans

Rancho Gordo Package

Rancho Gordo beans are from Napa Vally and are perfect example of our philosophy of making “regular food” special again.

You said beans right? Why do I want fancy beans?

Beans, yes beans, are something to rave about.  These are not your beans-in-a-can beans, these are hand selected bean varieties from the Americas – some on the verge of disappearing – that are non-genetically altered seeds or plants, picked at perfection, dried, and bagged.  The beans always have a fresh taste, full of unexpected flavor from a simple bean.

Special beans? Do I have to cook them special too? What can I use them in?

Nothing special. Soak and cook the Vaqueros in any dish, drop in a handful of rice beans to perk up a soup, or simmer Yellow Eyes all day with your famous stew – they’ll be perfect.  Classic as a side or the main course, Rancho Gordo beans will make any meal lovely.

Why beans, who would would pick beans out of all things?

Starting from tomatoes and moving to beans, the man behind Rancho Gordo wanted to have fresh and delicious indigenous food. He wants to bring back food that is considered a rarity, food originally from this land back into our diets – away from what he calls a “euro-centric”diet.  “New world foods are exciting, tasty, healthy, romantic, and debatably, easier on the earth.”

What kinds of beans? Only fancy? What about kinds I know?

Starting from just a few beans and growing to cover over twenty varieties, Rancho Gordo has something for anyone: not just pinto or black, but Yellow Eye or Vaquero.

Where can I get these?

Here on our shelves. Looking for a particular kind? Let us know, we’ll do what we can to bring you the best beans.  Share in something that had only existed in the lands where beans are a way of life, and are now brought to your kitchen.

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