Pro Oats – a powerlifted meal

  • April 30th, 2010
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Pro Oats is protein added oatmeal made in our wonderful city of Chicago.

Protein, in oatmeal? What about my store brand?

This is your store brand on… protein. It has lots of full size, organic dried fruit, full rolled oats, and lets not forget the kick of protein. Everyone knows we need more protein in our diet, but some of us don’t eat meat or aren’t up to having steak every night. The folks over at Pro Oats found that they had been adding protein powder to their oatmeal every morning and there wasn’t anything available in the store – so they made their own. But we’re over looking the oats and the fruit – both are organic. This isn’t wimpy little blue berries or sissy strawberries, these are buffed full size dried fruit, and not just a couple but a enough to have some in your bowl every morning.

So who makes it?

Local Chicago fans of oatmeal and protein. They put all they have into it, and it truly shows.

I’m unsure, I don’t do any body building…

Your in luck then, neither do we, but everyone should get more protein. We like to grab a bowl of this oatmeal before a long day at work – it keeps us full and energized for the day. Or before spin class, it gives us a little oomph to get over those big hills. Eat it every morning for that extra kick, or to try and stay on diet – the protein will help you keep full. It is the perfect start to your daily routine.

I need a bag, where can I pick one up?

Here, on our shelves. Pick up a bag of Blueberry Dance or Fuzzy Apple – both fantastic. Looking for a flavor we don’t have, or we’re low on your favorite? Let us know, we can always order it! Pick up a bag of Pro Oats and get ready for your day.

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