Dessertful Drizzles – One is not enough

Dessertful Drizzles are scrumptious cookies that are cakey cantuccinis; they’ll have you be begging for more.

Cookies, eh? What makes these so special?

First, these are made from fluffy cookie almost cake-like dough – filled with an array of flavors, like lemon, chocolate or the standard vanilla.  Above are thick ribbons of frosting – regular, chocolate, or otherwise. To top them off there are chunks of chocolate or sprinkles of sugar crystals. These are by far the best cookie/cake/biscotti thingies we’ve had. Perfect solo, but even better in their ‘grab and go’ pack – because lets face it, one is not enough. Dessertful knows how to tame our sugar tooth, these are sure to calm your strongest sweet craving. Pick one up for you and share the other, but we understand if you can’t help but eat both – we know we can’t.

Who makes these treats? Where do they come from?

Alexys – a hip, young suburbanite is the baker behind Drizzles. She started cooking in college when she was studying to become a nurse. A biscotti recipe came her way, and she thought she’d give it a try – it was a disaster, she burnt them to a crisp. But persistence ruled over, she tried and tweaked, changed a few things here and there and came out with these fantastic treats. She left nursing school for culinary school, and grew her knowledge of food, taste, and expanded her cookie inventions. After school, she got some help from mom and created what we know now as Drizzles. They grew and still grow in flavors, both by season and inspiration. We’ve picked up four fantastic flavors: Chocolate Galore, Lemoncello, Chocolate Chunk, and Coconut. It’s too hard to pick a favorite, we love them all.

Are these fancy enough for a party?

They are perfect on any tray; nibble on these in your fancy clothes – they won’t be out of place. But don’t think of these as just ‘pinky up’ type cookies, Drizzles are the perfect companion on a walk around the city, or on the couch with your favorite movie, or after a great brunch (wink wink). In a two pack, these are travel ready (if they make it out the door). Buy them as a gift for anyone – it’ll bring a smile to their face no matter who they are.

Where can I get these?

On our counter, here at Southport Grocery. We are first to bring in these perfectly made cookies. Drizzles are sure to please anyone’s sweet cravings. They are a Chicago specialty and we had to share them. Pick up a pack of two today and taste something truly spectacular.

  1. rich - May 25, 2010

    can the drizzles be ordered online? Shipped out of state?

  2. jake - May 27, 2010

    Give us a call Rich, we might be able to work something out for ya!


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