Lucero Olive Oils – generations growing great oils

Lucero Olive Oils are marvelous oils made from some of California’s oldest olive trees.

I just get whatever is on sale, is there a difference?

Olive oil is like wine. There are nuances to a fine bottle of olive oil; flavors that come from the soil, air, and process of making the oil. Lucero’s oils have a wide variety of their own, and we picked out two of our favorites: Anthony’s Blend and Manzanillo. Anthony’s Blend is well… a blend of different olives, with hints of fruit and that buttery olive taste – this is perfect for dipping or as a finishing oil. Manzanillo is a single variety of olive, rich flavor of olives and pepper – ideal for pastas, dressings, and seasoning. Both oils can stand on their own and are great with anything nearly everything.

Who makes this olive oil?

The Lucero family; four generations olive farmer and some of the oldest olive trees in the state. It started with friends and family, producing small quantities, but selling out in days. They grew and started producing their family’s label in 2004, growing and pressing larger batches. Though they did not lose sight of their tradition of making outstanding oils, and continue to impress us and critics.

A finishing oil? What else can I use it on?

We like to use a touch of Anthony’s after roasting vegetables with some chunky salt.Manzanillo is great on top of freshly cut heirloom tomatoes – rich and full with that end of pepper is perfect for tomatoes.  It doesn’t have to be only for guests and the like – we enjoy cutting up a chewy baguette and dipping in Lucero olive oil for a snack in front of the ‘tube’. Sometimes making the everyday special makes for a fancy night in.

Where can I get these?

On our shelves of course! We have the Manzanillo and Anthony’s Blend in nearly all of the time but if we run out, or you are looking for a kind we don’t carry regularly we can always order some special for you. Grab a bottle and see what time honored tradition and flavorful oils tastes like!

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