Creminelli Salami – Get a slice of authentic Italy

  • July 1st, 2010
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Creminelli is authentic Italian salami made in tradition fashion with the best ingredients.

Salami? I’ve had Salami.

Not like this. This Salami is made with a recipe passed down from generations, from making for the family – because that is just what you did in the 1600s, to their grandparents who started the business and sold to the area and Italy. Where the current proprietors bring the tradition and flavor to the US. They have brought something that hasn’t been in available in the states for a long while – bona fide hard Italian Salami. We carry two types, the Piccante and Sopressata. Salami Piccante is sometimes known by it’s American name: pepperoni; but this isn’t your grocery store pepperoni, this is hand made with paprika and hot peppers from the Calabria region. The Sopressata has a strong garlic flavor with great spices and sea salt to accompany the fine cuts of pork. Both have their own distinct flavors, but are superb in flavor and quality. They have a strong punch of flavor and are robust enough to be eaten on their own or in accompany with a antipasto setup or with cheeses.

Where does the Salami come form? Who makes it?

This Salami comes from those who know cured meats, Italy. The Creminelli family has been making artisan meats for longer than than the oldest aunt can remember, some even say 1600s is when they started. It is still under the family, and the quality is kept at the same standards from the beginning – hand selected ingredients, made by hand, salted, cured with delicious rewarding scrutiny.

So do I eat the salami only by it self?

You defiantly can. We can’t help but cut a couple pieces ourselves before serving it at a party, or adding them to a recipe. The Creminelli blog is even devoted to finding recipes and ideas to use with their meats. Make a pasta salad with small pieces of salami, add seasonal veggies and some great olive oil to finish it off. Slice thin the Piccante and put it on a homemade pizza for authentic Italian taste. There isn’t a bad time to reach for Creminelli meats, strong flavor and rich meatiness is nearly irresistible.

Where can I get these Salamis?

In our fridge! We carry two types of Salami, Piccante and Sopressata, but if you are looking for a specific type we’ll do what we can to get you them. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, we’ll be glad to answer anything – from meal ideas to flavor differences, we’ll help.

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