CoOp Hot Sauce gets the love they deserve

First it was Tasting Table, featuring their new rubs and awesome sauces, we were glad. Then when we were reading through our Time Out Chicago Edition and came across a nice little ditty of an article about CoOp Hot Sauce we were elated. For those who don’t know, we are smitten with CoOp’s Hot Sauces, we dole out their hot sauces as our in-house hot sauce and sell it for use in your beautiful home as well. We like to splash some on eggs, burgers, and maybe a dash (or more) on our sandwiches.

Do yourself a favor and try it, between the heat and the flavor what else could you want? Well they’ll give you more – local ingredients, local young chefs, and how about giving back to the community in your own back yard? Those chefs are the budding future chefs growing their craft thanks to the donations and fundraising – in the form of their amazing sauces.

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  1. Jim - July 18, 2010

    Southport’s pastrami beats any deli I’ve ever been to. The mustard gave the sandwich a delicious extra bite that made the eating exquisite


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