Milk & Honey Granola – Dig into real granola

Milk & Honey Granola, a Chicago favorite, is hard to miss with it’s super tasty mixes – no wonder it is a staple to any day.

Ah, I love granola!

We do too, and that is why we wanted to feature one of our favorites here. It is sweet, but not sugary, crunchy but not clumped, it is the perfect medium in the realm of granola. In this crazy world of maldexrodo-whatevers and trans-fats – it’s easy to get lost in the hodgepodge. This here granola has all legible foodstuffs, real ingredients means real granola. Milk & Honey Granola contains only the tasty and good-for-you in it’s clear bag. Real dried blueberries, clusters of oats, are visible – not hidden behind a box or brown wax paper bags – you can see all the good stuff right there. Behind it’s styled label lays the sweet mix of blueberries and pecans, or cinnamon and raisins, or more – grab a bag and finally enjoy breakfast with real granola.

Who are these devisers of delectableness?

Why the folks over at Milk & Honey Cafe, of course. They concocted a meld of their own creation in the Cafe’s conception, a truly tasty invention.

A breakfast food…

Woah, stop there. Granola isn’t only for breakfast. Mix some in with your salad for a sweet much with your greens, top off a casserole with it for a fantastic crunch, or eat it from the bag as a snack. Don’t let granola only live in the breakfast category for another second. Be adventurous with your granola, your taste buds will thank you.

Where can I get it?

Right here on our shelves. Grab a bag today for great tasting granola tomorrow (or out the door). If we’re low or out of a flavor you are looking for we can help – we ‘ll order it for you. Luckily they’re in Chicago providing us with their scrumptious granola. Stop eating your faux-granola and get real Chicago granola from Milk & Honey already.

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