Jeni’s Ice Cream – A scoop of Ohio heaven

In a world where a good ice cream is discovered by following the stars when the planets align and then you are forced to hark into a wooded beach front where then you led by blindfold to a river – my point being impossibly hard to do. We have have been lucky enough to stumble upon (got sent samples) ice cream that tastes as though being handed down from the dairy version of Zeus, an ice cream being created by people we can only assume have the green thumb equivilant to heavy cream, sugar, and flavorings: Jeni’s Ice Cream.

Whoa, sounds awesome – plus I love ice cream! Tell me more.

It is awesome and we, too, absolutely love ice cream. So we’ll be glad to tell you more. Jeni’s Ice Cream comes from the grand midwestern state of Ohio; a squarish patchwork of farms, hills, rivers, and now bounding with fantastic ice cream. Inside Ohio Jeni’s resides smack in the middle of the state, in Columbus. The city is the perfect place for Jeni’s – small, but big town growth, lots of supportive locals, and a whole slew of healthy milk producing cows nearby. What would face melting good ice cream be without the magical cow. Just down the way from Jeni’s is Snowville Creamery – the source of the tasty sweet whole cream; Jeni’s buys nearly every drop of the whole cream Snowville can create. This warms our heart, for we share the love for local produce and can appreciate their dedication to a single nearby source.

What about the curartor of cream?

It all started with Jeni and her passion for pastries and then moved to creating ice cream that is less sweet and more flavorful. We, for one, think she’s doing an awesome job! From the meticulously created flavors, their corresponding fresh ingredients to hand-packed pints that carry the vessel for ice cream ascension, they’ve got it down.

Need. Now.

Yeah, we went through a pint after our first bite. This is the good stuff people. Grab a container of selected Jeni’s out of our freezer and get delivered to creamy heaven. We missing your favorite flavor or you want one we don’t carry? Let us know, and we’ll get it as soon as we can, call you back, to allow you to follow your ice cream dreams.

  1. Ryan - September 14, 2010

    Thanks for the love, Lisa & co!

    Oh, man, wish I could make it to a Secret Supper…

    P.S. Catch us on the Food Network Thursday, 9/23, at 8 PM (Central), as they spotlight the best desserts in the country.


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