Red Pandora Popcorn – There isn’t a bag big enough

There is a popcorn out there made for real foodies, and it’s known as Red Pandora – handmade popcorn with gourmet flavors.

Popcorn? Sounds good.

Sure does. Yeah, we have more traditional popcorn but Red Pandora is much different. From the popping process – virgin unrefined coconut oil not air – to the flavors – like Chipotle Cheddar – this is a new spin on what you think of popcorn. Sitting in inconspicuous brown bags with hip art sticker-ed on, the popcorn is downplayed through a small window revealing the true facts – this popcorn is amazing. It’s not coated and layered like some popcorn, these bags have the right amount of cheese or caramel. This makes it a winner in our book, but Red Pandora popcorn has taken it further, with flavors that one would never expect from popcorn: real black truffle, chipotle, vanilla bean, salted caramel, bacon; melding them into special and unique layers and pockets of flavor that scream to eaten.

And the maker?

That’s Jimmy a Chicago based lad. He honed his palate while staging at Otom and Blackbird, he’s also devoted to good organic ingredients for a real quality and true flavor. We like it, that much is for sure.

Where to get his popcorn?

Here at Southport Grocery.  We do what we can to keep the three flavors in so if there is blank space where his popcorn should be, we can get on the horn to fill you with this awesome treat.

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