Christine’s Toffee – Munch Wisconsin’s best toffee

  • September 20th, 2010
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Toffee toffee everywhere. It seems like you can’t go two feet without kicking a box full of toffee. We are swimming in toffee on our way to work and home. So this might not be even remotely true, because, lets face it – a good toffee is hard to find. From pharmacy checkout stacks to boardwalk salt water taffy places that happen to make toffee – something is just missing. People have tossed everything expect the kitchen sink into toffee trying to distinguish themselves from the rest out there, but the mixing and combinations were just not right. In steps Christine’s.

I’ve had lots of toffee; what makes this so special?

Lets start with where it comes from: the great state of Wisconsin. This toffee is made with real Wisconsin butter, not so surprising it being the butter capital of the world  A buttery toffee is always better and what is the first ingredient on their toffee? Butter; sweet delicious butter from the same state it is produced in – local confectioners building a product with the ingredients readily available to them. But not only is butter used from Wisconsin, but in their coffee and bacon bars they use Wisconsin coffee and bacon. It’s always nice to get locally made items, and when those who produce said item locally – all the better. Fantastic local ingredients can only take something so far, there must be magic in Christine’s kitchen because the toffee coming out the door is incredible. The bacon toffee is sweet with salty nibs of bacon, a decadent contract and who doesn’t love bacon? Then there is the coffee – chocolate covered toffee with splinters of coffee beans speckled throughout the bar in a flavorful crescendo of treatdom.

What of this curator of candy?

As Sam, the owner, tried to think of how honor his mom he tried to find his mother’s recipe for chocolate popcorn balls, but to no avail. Sam met a woman named Leanne, and they worked together to create Sam’s mother’s snacks. Together they forged Popular Snacks, the company that makes the ever delicious Christine’s Gourmet Toffee.

Where to get this delight?

Right here at Southport Grocery. As far as we know, we are the only place south of the Wisconsin boarder that carries their toffee. We carry two of their newest flavors: coffee and bacon – looking for more? Let us know we’ll do what we can to get you this great gourmet toffee.

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