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  • September 24th, 2010
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In the vast swaths of boxes and cans of tea out there, there sits a collection of indiscriminate brown boxes full of some of the best loose leaf tea, packaged in post-consumer waste paper and filled with hand picked tea and herbs – this tea is Serendipitea.

Why do I need a new tea? What is loose leaf?

As far as loose leaf goes, it’s exactly as it sounds – unbagged, usually full leaf tea. As far as your first question; Serendipitea pulls in their worldly knowledge and combines great tea with a good price – something hard to pass on. Taste the sweet flavor of their De-Caff ChocolaTea, sink into your evening with real chocolate bits, vanilla, rooibos, and decaf black tea. We carry four other flavors in their large array, honing in flavors we loved and wanted to share with you all. From Mango Magnus to the famous Ruby Sipper, there is a kind of tea for all tastes and senses of adventure.

Who makes it?

The ladies over at Serendipitea put together the wonderful flavors and send it our way, but we cannot forget to thank those who work so hard to pull together such great tea from the fields from the distant lands where tea is grown. Serindipitea doesn’t forget this either being a large purchaser of fair trade tea – supporter of those who bring the tasty treat to their door in NYC. It’s good to see a company follow from source to shelf, and were happy we’re one of those shelves.

Where can I get it?

Why, here! Stacked on our shelves and ready to be taken home to be sipped, slurped and guzzled. Looking for a kind we don’t have? Let us know, we can always order it for you.

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