Foodie knowledge – Welcome Kassia

Welcome a new member of the SPG blog, Kassia. She’s going to be exploring our menu and the items within. Delving into the ingredients, the history and origi, as well as digging up great informed articles. Her introduction below:

I consider myself a foodie, but an unsophisticated one at that. I know what good food should taste like – fresh, clean, inviting – but I have little understanding about the broader context of food: how certain foods are made, where they originated, how to best enjoy them, etc.

Not long ago I read Bill Buford’s Heat, a nonfiction book detailing the author’s experiences working for Chef Mario Batali in New York City, as well as in select establishments throughout Italy. Among other things, I was amused to learn from the book that the shape of tortellini pasta is inspired by a woman’s navel. Who knew? And recently a friend clued me in to the fact that haricot vert is French for “green beans,” and that one major difference between gelato and ice cream is the amount of air whipped into the mixture. Ugh, clearly I have a long (but delicious) path to trek in attainment of true foodie knowledge.

Given that, you’ll occasionally see me blogging about Southport Grocery’s offerings in greater detail – uncovering the stories and secrets surrounding our food, sharing my discoveries with you, dear reader, and growing more knowledgeable with every bite.


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  1. monique deschaine - October 8, 2010

    Hi Kassia,
    I wanted to introduce myself. I am the owner of Al Dente Pasta.I am so happy that Southport Grocery is carrying Al Dente. You are actually the first in Chicago to have our Pappardelle! Let’s make it known!Be sure to let me know if you feature any of our pastas on your blog and I will then post it on our blog.


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