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  • November 22nd, 2010
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Ever wanted a high five from the boss? Be it mental or physical, Southport Grocery’s gift baskets can facilitate. Sure, if you are the boss you can revive high fives too! Want that perfect package for a host doing more than they need? Know a certain someone that put up with you for the past year?

Whether your giftee is into fine salts and hand picked olive oils or into mac ‘n’ cheese – we can create a gift basket to fit their needs. Have kids? We can create an ‘I love my kids but I need a night away’ basket with a bottle (or two) of wine or even bubbly, some chocolates, a collection of pastas and sauce maybe – the perfect date-night-in all wrapped up for you and your loved one to share.  Or if you want to give a basket that they can share with their little ones we can stuff it full of kid friendly goodies, like candy, a book on making food together, snacks, a box of cupcakes with a ‘kit’ of sprinkles and the like. Know a real wine buff? We can make a basket to fit their tastes too – red, white, cheeses, crackers – all kinds of things to quench the craving of any lover of vino. How about someone with a gluten allergy? It’s getting easier to find gluten free food items, sure, but what about completely awesome, knock-it-out-of-the-park items? We carry a great assortment of gluten free baking mixes as well as some incredible pastas that’ll help them forget all about wheatgerm.

Wanna get someone a Southport Grocery basket but you can’t get it to them? We deliver and ship! We deliver the baskets within city limits and ship them out and as far as UPS can take it.  Don’t worry about your basket arriving muddled, we package with great care and can ship overnight.

Don’t get the same old fruit basket, or mix of summer sausages and bland mustards for someone you care about – get them something that they can enjoy and share (maybe even with you,) a Southport Grocery gift basket.

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