Jo Snow – Syrups for all seasons

In world where coffee shops slop in copious amounts of over sugared versions of vanilla or cinnamon, there is a maker of syrups slaying the dragon of over-sweet: Jo Snow.

Syrups? Why are they important?

It’s the flavoring. Just like with tea, you put in as much as you want out. You have locally roasted beans, an espresso maker or coffee machine, you filter the water, then what do you reach for? You want something handmade, delicious, and something that will compliment, not overtake your joe. And then how about those italian sodas? shaved ice? or mimosas even? Would you go for something sweet and processed and has ingredients a anyone has trouble pronouncing? We know what we’d have: Jo Snow’s line of incredible syrups. There are a lot of single use syrups out there, and these are not it; the light and sweet syrups like Ginger Passion Fruit or Hibiscus Orange Blossom are great for mimosas, italian sodas, in shaved ice or added to a glass to mineral water just to make things interesting. For your coffee based drinks, there is the Cafe de Olla – a bold flavor profile for coffee, from brown sugar, cloves, cinnamon and a bit of orange – perfect for lattes or expresso. The Cardamom Rose Water is also a favorite in cappuccinos where the cardamom and steamed milk float in a delicious mound on top of your favorite espresso – a real treat and not dominating in your java.

Where to get these fantastic syrups?

Right here at Southport Grocery. We’ve stocked our shelves with Jo Snow and will try and keep all of her flavors rolling in. We used the syrups behind the counter before they had a company name, before they were bottled, we love Jo Snow and know you will too. Pick up a bottle today and take home fantastic flavor.

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