Val’s doughnuts

One of our “pinch-hitter” bakers, Val – a server at the Publican, and had mentioned that she wanted to give making doughnuts for us a go. Instantly we loved the idea! Who doesn’t love handmade fluffy doughnuts? So this Saturday (12/18) she’s frying up some for you! A bag of six handmade cinnamon-sugar or chocolate glazed doughnuts for $7.95. Take them with to the table or walk and munch while shopping for those last presents. Val was in today testing out the cooking process for our kitchen and making us scrumptious samples. Here is a few photos from her visit:

Val cutting out her doughnuts, trying to ignore the camera

Getting all in her business, the sweet doughy goodness soon to be in our tummy

Oh my…

Val can be seen around town selling her doughnuts at markets and shops. We’re going to be keeping our ear to the ground on these, for sure.

  1. Linda - December 15, 2010

    This Saturday would be the 18th, not the 28th– do you mean the following Saturday?

    • jake - December 15, 2010

      Woops! Good call, finger slipped me thinks.


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