Send Cupcakes – The right way

We here at Southport Grocery love ourselves some cupcakes. This is no more evident than when it comes shipping our very own cupcakes.

Lets review with the actual cupcake itself. We don’t just toss it together with a bunch of muddled ingredients and call it something it’s not. The same cupcakes that are in the cafe get shipped to your door. They are real deal made by hand with Neilsen-Massy vanilla and the best love and tenderness we can put in them. But that accounts for upfront cost; why does it cost so much to ship them?

It’s two things really. One is the boxes. Our masterfully built boxes are for the shipment of twelve perfectly packed buttercream topped tasty treats, are just that, made for cupcakes and those alone. First if you are a person who has ever bought a one use, specialty item, you’d know that they don’t come on the heals of pennies. The other big cost? Overnight shipping. You want your cupcakes as fresh as possible no? Not just that you’d like them without any preservatives and made exactly as our cupcakes in the cafe. We’ve got to ship overnight then. You’ll be getting our cupcakes as if they were dropped at your door, hundreds if not thousands of miles away, a day after they’d been in our ovens. Heck of a world, isn’t it?

Sure, they have to be frozen to insure that they survive the trip. Surprising that the soft angel food like cake and fluffy but thick buttercream on top would need help getting to you home, but it’s true. All it means is that your cupcakes take a bit to get right for you to mash against your lips and tongue up some of the fantastic buttercream frosting. In as little as an hour you’ve got a little cupcake party in a box. Don’t want to munch all of them down in an afternoon? They’ll keep frozen in your freezer for a while too! Don’t worry instructions are included at the top of your box to get your u

We care about getting good cupcakes to your door, just as we care about making them great in the first place; meaning the premium from doing it right.

Order our cupcakes or read more about them, a little propaganda to get you started salivating.

  1. chris - January 17, 2011

    They are worth every penny. The ones I ordered for the 1st of December looked better than when I used to carry them back on the Brown Line to the Loop.

    • jake - January 19, 2011

      Thanks Chris!


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