Zingerman’s Cheese – Michigan’s answer to Wisconsin

The trove of cheeses in the midwest is great. There is a growing popularity at one place in particular – Zingerman’s Creamery. Sure, there is a huge tradition in Wisconsin of cheese and all things melty. These heavy hitters are from the great state of Michigan. That’s right cheese heads, there are new curds in town.

Cheese? From Michigan?

Yeah, shocking at first, we know. We were hesitant at first, especially with the owner and the chef being from the great cheese yonder. But trust us, they know what they are doing. From their balanced goats to their Liptauer they’ve really got it down. We get a lot of Zingerman’s Cheese around here, we sell it in the grocery of course but we also use it in the cafe. Like on our Southern Omelet which features the pimento cheese, that has such an amazing flavor we changed our sausage omelet just for it. One taste of it will have you hooked and coming back for more, their pimento cheese should not be missed. But it’s not the only cheese! We use their fantastic cream cheese in all sorts of dishes, their goat cheese in our “Red Meat” omelet and on the burger. We carry those and a rotating flavor in the grocery, ready to take home.

What about this Zingerman’s?

Spread around Ann Arbor like cheese on bread they can’t be missed in the Detroit suburb. Zingerman’s got their start as a deli in 1982, their success forced them to grow, but they bloomed, into a handful of different businesses. Bread, cheese, deli, bakery, catering, coffee, candy, full restaurant, even training the future business people – they are the touch stone of specialty food in the midwest. Not only do they bring in fantastic food from the area but all over the world – bringing the best of it has to over to Michigan.

How do I get their cheese? Give it to me!

Whoa! We’ve got plenty of Zingerman’s both in the cafe and in the grocery. You can stuff your face with just their cheese if thats your bag – we’ll be able to fill your cheese needs. Don’t miss Zingerman’s, they are easily one of the best cheese makers in the midwest.

  1. Janice Grenning - November 16, 2014

    Do you have Florette cheese (a sheeps milk Brie style cheese from France)?

    • jake - November 26, 2014

      Hey Janice – thanks for the comment, our cheese changes often, but at this time we do not carry florette. Sorry.


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