Valentine’s Day: our HEARTy gift recommendations

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner — still wondering what to get that special someone? Forget the chintzy flower bouquets and drugstore chocolates. We’ve got a fantastic selection of gourmet goodies, luscious wines, and thoughtful books to make any occasion a memorable one. Check out our Valentine’s Day gift recommendations below, carefully chosen by the hopeless romantics of Southport Grocery. From ice cream to “bee vomit”, these products will please even the pickiest of partners:

“From Seed to Skillet” by Jimmy Williams and Susan Heeger
It’s full of great veggie recipes, so you can cook a healthy and delicious meal for your loved one! – Drew

Bron’s Bees Honey
Nothing says “you’re sweet” forever like the antibacterial throw-up of insects.
– Jake

Moscato di Asti and Terry’s Toffee (Dark)
Moscato is equal parts romantic and party-time. And tell your lover that he/she is a star by giving them a treat served in the Green Room at the Oscars: Terry’s Toffee. – Lance

Southport Grocery’s Small Breakfast Gift Basket
You know…for the morning after. *wink* – Kassia

Jeni’s Ice Cream – Dark Milk Chocolate or Black Coffee
Jeni’s is wonderful! For a special treat on Valentine’s Day, pair this ice cream with the Tate’s Chipless Wonder cookies we carry, to make homemade ice cream sandwiches. – Lisa

Southport Grocery’s Peach Pie Filling
Who wouldn’t want someone to bake a pie for them?!? – Derrick

“BYOB Chicago, 3rd Edition” and Ludovicus red wine
A delicious Spanish blend with an extensive list of future date possibilities! – Jay

Southport Grocery’s Housemade Jams and Preserves
Our jams are great on toast or straight from the jar! – Megan

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