Chicago Honey Co-op Honey mustard

  • April 12th, 2011
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A tiny inconspicuous glass jar sits on our shelf, next to it other jars loom over it’s low profile and portly looking glass. Inside there is a kolideascope of brown nuggets, soft and scattered inside. Clear liquid and a few popped seeds make for an arrangement of dark blots in a roast colored container. On top is a golden lid that is proof of concept, a gold standard of flavor – Chicago Honey Co-Op’s Honey Mustard is just that.

How does it taste?

Pop the top of the honey and swirls of sharp white vinegar awaken your sleepy olfactory. Then the power of the mustard pulls though and a crisp honey follows behind luring in for a taste, the two together creating a caramel sweetness to the nose. When dipped into with a finger there is the rush of mustard filling and flatting itself out on the tongue, only after the tide of mustard flavor settles the vinegar makes it’s rise. A vinegar effervescent pushes it’s way in between lulls and high waves of sweet mustard and sour vinegar. But there is no “vinegar burn” the mustard and honey turns down the harshness and puts it to rest, ending in a lasting flavor. If you haven’t noticed by know we love this mustard. There is more dimensions though then just being an incredible and tasty jar of sandwich spread. Chicago Honey Co-Op is just that, a co-op.

A honey co-op?

It’s an apiary of helpful. They have apiculture (bee keeping) classes, a full fledged ‘Bee Farm’, with whole mess of supers stacked in an open area in North Lawndale. The bees pollinate a local garden and the surrounding area which allows us to get their sweet honey. Chicago Honey co-op is also raising funds for Queens – which will allow them to become self-sufficient and not have to import new droves of bees! Help keep Chicago buzzing by supporting local bee keepers.

Where to get it?

Same city it’s made, just a little bit of a drive away from where it’s made – right on our shelves. The little container of tasty mustard will wait, but can you?

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