A Mother’s day menu

So it’s May, and you are too distracted by the warm weather to remember mother’s day is coming up very soon. So where does that leave you? A stack of things to get done, plus all of the normal things you do – and now there is planning dinner either for yourself or for mommy dearest. This year we thought we’d help you build a little menu for a lovely mother’s day brunch.

If your family is anything like ours, when one brother or sister visits mom, somehow the whole gang ends up together.

First course: Mimosas & fruit

Mimosas – In a tall fluted glass pour about 1″ of orange juice, then tilt the glass and pour the Champagne (or sparkling wine) slowly to avoid overflow and foam-overs – with enough practice the two will be distinctively split – making an extra special presentation. We suggest fresh squeezed orange juice and a nice light bubbly for a fresh spring flavor. Avoid: from concentrate, “orange drink,” and ‘grocery store’ bubbly – it’s mother’s day, make it special; or try something different with Jo Snow Syrups.

Fruit – Normally this time of year early spring fruits are just starting, but cherries and strawberries are just be out of season this year. Go to the farmer market and find what is locally in season: Rhubarb. Fill in the fruit salad with things from the grocery store like strawberries and cherries; the mix would make for a super sweet and lovely mix. Cut the rhubarb into tiny pieces and warm in a pan with some brown sugar, and before serving toss in with cold strawberries and pitted cherries for a hot/cold mix – yum! For a little extra kick and something different toss in some of our vanilla vinaigrette.

Second course: Breakfast tiles & spring salad

Breakfast tiles – pick out your (or mom’s) favorite meat, veggies (dependent on season and availability) or work with our chef to create an extra special tile for this mother’s day from us. We’ll pack it up and you can either have it room temp or warm it up in your oven for a super easy light breakfast beginning. Check out the options we have on our catering menu (under breakfast tiles) to help you along the way. You don’t even have to tell mom you didn’t make them.

Spring Salad – Asparagus, spinach, sprouts, and early greens are just pushing through. It may be too early to do everything you are looking for, but there should be enough at the farmer’s market to make a great salad. This year we are a few weeks behind in the growing season – but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t get a great spring salad together. We’d get some asparagus and slice the stems thin and leave the tops whole and toss them in a pan with some butter, then just rinse the spinach, sprouts and greens and plate them with the warm buttery asparagus on top. Make a simple vinaigrette with extra virgin olive oil and white wine vinegar, then finish it off with some fresh ground salt and pepper. Try a grinder of Himalayan salt or any other of our artisan salts.

Dessert: Cupcakes & strawberries

Cupcakes & strawberries – We love our cupcakes, and they could be dressed up super easy with some fresh fruit. Cut some strawberries into quarters and mix in sugar – to macerate the fruit, or place a nice dollop of your favorite preserves if they aren’t in season. Cut cupcakes in half and plate with flat side up, spoon strawberries and sauce (or preserves) over the halves for a super springy brunch dessert fit for an ideal mother’s day.

Sound like too much work? Just stop by and have bunch with us!

Just a few ideas to get the ball rolling for this Mother’s Day. Make things that will make this year memorable, start, carry on, or put a twist on a tried and true tradition. What are some of your favorite Mother’s Day practices?

  1. Marilyn DeJaynes - May 6, 2011

    Please tell Derrick the menu looks great and his muma luvs him!! thanks!

  2. Suzanne - June 18, 2011

    you should grill the cupcake 1st

  3. inteligator - July 11, 2011

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