My move east – a farewell post

So for those folks who read our blog, your earthly narrator – me/Jake – is taking a job and moving to Portland, Maine. I’m headed to a small business that has been around for sometime and plan on breathing life into it in the same sort of ‘social media’ way I did with Southport Grocery.

The thing about being 25 is that the world starts to come together in jigsaw pieces and the realization that you have control buds to life. I’ve always loved the east coast but it existed as a pipe-dream for retirement or as a place I could run to if everything turned sour – that is, until a passing conversation. A quibble manifested into a lofty dream turned to a visit which became an interview defined itself as a pathway to employment and now I’m leaving.

In two weeks I’ll be living sea side.

I will not forgot my tenure here at SPG any time soon. I’ve been molded into a lover of local, a food fiend, and someone who gets payed to write (which I’d only dreamed about). I have been given opportunities that don’t make themselves readily available and they were dropped into my lap. I consider myself immensely lucky to get a second opportunity to do it all again. I’ve helped shape a business, a neighborhood, and my self. I love Chicago, but the colonies call.

For those who have not been to Maine: the stores, bumpers, and street lamps all confess their love for local fare (Eat ME), wares, and pretty much anything ‘Maine’. This is important to me and the foundation was laid here at Southport. I owe my carrier path to those who allowed me to spiel posts of food and hang out on facebook all day – and to them, I am infinity thankful.

Portland was settled 185 years before Illinois was established, even the wind is wise. It’s a tiny town of 60,000+ but is dense. I’m moving to a different way of life. Yes, I understand, the winters. I am forgoing the brutal chicago summer dog days for breezy ocean front picnics (and 20″ more average snow fall). It’s different there: no one honks if you dilly dally at a stop light, people smile and nod on the sidewalk.

Where does it leave all of this? We are vetting a replacement. It’ll be a bit different voice, they will hold the camera differently but the lens will still be the same. Southport Grocery will always keep their ear to the ground on local products, teach about what we do (and why), and try to be a beacon of information on all things food.

Thank you dearest fans.


  1. Jay - May 24, 2011

    Aw, buddy. You will be dearly missed, but never forgotten. Just make sure you have a couch for us to crash on when we come visit. Also, keep those homebrews going!

  2. margot - June 9, 2011

    I’m Jen Good’s aunt. Good luck on your new adventure (you and jen are starting anew in totally different but similar feeling places. Are you the one who makes the incredible granola? If so I will really miss it. I come to the city especially to buy that granola for my friends and myself!


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