Strawberry Secret Supper

  • June 28th, 2011
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Summertime = Strawberries

It’s a simple equation that many “add up” this time each year, so we thought, “Why fight it?”, and focus our June Secret Supper on the season’s favorite fruit!  As usual, we took a few simple ideas and made them our own using the best ingredients that we could find.  

Our first offering started as a simple baby green salad from Genesis Farms with a strawberry dressing, to which we added a baked cheese tuile using “barely buzzed” cheese from the Beehive Cheese Co. and to finish – fresh strawberries dipped into a basil and sweet pea gelee (gelatin).  Suffice to say that this equated to much more than a salad with a fancy cracker and strawberries covered in a weird jello.  We will be offering a similar Strawberry Salad on our cafe menu for a limited time.


Onion-infused spetzle on the grill, a delicious, savory side to accompany our main event…


Berkshire pork loin w/braised spring onions, spetzle, chimichurri & pickled green strawberries

Our main course of the night was a juicy and generous portion of Berkshire pork loin.  This heirloom pork, known as Britain’s oldest pig breed, lay on top of a spring onion spetzle and presented with a big spoonful of house-made chimichurri – a green herb sauce native to South America.  Braised spring onions and pickled green strawberries provided sweet and tart morsels that balanced the big flavor of the marbled white meat.


strawberry shortcake in a jar w/mascarpone whipped cream

To wrap it all up, we made cute little Strawberry Shortcakes in a jar!  A soft layer of cake made with hibiscus basil orange blossom simple syrup from Jo Sno Syrup (a local sweetener we used instead of traditional white sugar) provided a sweet foundation for our guest of honor – fresh strawberries.  The only thing we had to add on top was a freshly whipped cream that we sweetened with the same orange-hibiscus syrup we used in the cake.  The nicely portioned desserts gave us the spoonfuls of sweetness we needed to satisfy our post-dinner sweet-tooth.

We’d like to thank those that were able to join us, and invite those that haven’t been to a Secret Supper before to join our e-mail list so you’ll be among the first to know about all up-coming events.  We’d also like to thank Hold the Ketchup for the nice write-up they did on the event, we always appreciate feedback!



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