Down to earth food in Maui!

A wedding brought us to Maui, but finding and sometimes stumbling upon good local food was tucked into our schedule – of course.

The day trip on the Road to Hana (a must see: tight winding roads, waterfalls & challenging hikes) revealled roadside stands and even foodstuffs right in their natural state, like strawberry guavas!  We just plucked and ate; yes, there was a local on the trail with us, otherwise we would have walked right by.

At Ka Huka Smoke Shack, at the 10.5 mile marker, the grilled pork and chicken with sautéed fern buds was beyond yummy …. with just the right amount of marinade and caramelization … it  really hit the spot after our hike in the dense and muddy bamboo forest.

Then, warm banana bread at Aunt Sandy’s in Haiku (about a 20 minute ride from Ka Huka Smoke Shack),with a side of candied coconut … two local sweets! We devoured them both.

Can’t pass up a good hot dog, and in Maui it’s the Crater Dog! A fresh hoagie bun with a tunneled center is placed on a heated spike that toasts the inside, then filled with your choice of condiments. For us, it was an island classic of Maui’s onion jam and chili that completed the dog.  We shared, but really we could have gone for one each .

For our last meal before hitting the airport, we stopped off at Huno Seafood and Pasta in Lahaina. The grilled octopus was one of the best appetizers I’ve had in long time! OK much, much more than grilled octopus: bedded on fresh edamame hummus, toasted flax seed bread and a garnish of fried chickpeas season with Hawaiian sea salt …amazing plate of complimentary flavors and great textures.

A lunch of fish and chips was a pleasant surprise; grilled walu fish with sea salt sprinkled fries at the Pupu Lounge in Kihei. A nice change of pace to the typical deep-fried fish.  The fresh tossed coleslaw with their housemade sesame ginger vinaigrette…made from scratch for sure.

Farmstands are aplenty throughout the island. Our fun buys were the sugar cane juice, dragon fruit and coconut juice right out of the coconut.  We split the dragon fruit in half and spooned the pulp right out….light pink with back soft seeds… similar to the look and taste of a kiwi!

My recommendation for food in Maui: make a few reservations for places you really want to try, and fill in the majority of your eating with the great finds you stumble across as they are aplenty.

– Lisa



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