Southport Grocery’s Great Gift Baskets

  • November 22nd, 2011
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It’s that time of year citizens. It’s gift giving time. We’re warming up our stainless steal table, clear wrap, and of course the baskets. We have been putting together perfect gift baskets for businesses, families, friends, for over 8 years. We’ve shipped to the edges of the continental United States, walked baskets down the street and everywhere in-between. SPG’s whiz staff puts together packages ranging from $50 to $200, usually – but if you are on a different budget we’re happy to help.

Know someone who can’t get enough of cooking? Someone that debates with you without promoting about the fact that olive oil is unregulated, or that likes to judge an ice cream dependent on it’s percentage of air? How about someone that is just growing into their own as a home chef, discovering new flavors and seeking the finer ingredients in their kitchen? We can put together items that will show them how much you try and listen to their raving about food.

How about that uberlocalvore? With the small space we have, SPG has a shocking large array of locally made products. From the second city, there is a host of delights ranging from handmade candies and popcorn to spices. We’ll bring in what is best from around the area and pack it up tight into a pretty container (for shipping or picking up/delivery) just for you and your giftee. This is also the perfect gift idea for those folks who move out of town and need those little pieces of Chicago. Don’t let them forget their time in the ‘big shouldered’ city, heck some folks in the suburbs forget!

All of those people that you have to get gifts for. You’ve checked off a handful of people off your list, but for some reason you can’t think what to get them. We can help with that too. Tell us about them and we can make the perfect basket! Don’t know anything at all? We can work with that too, we are just that good! Had a great year at the office and want to reward all your employees? We’ve done that, and can help make your gift giving special and easy.

If you have an eye for finding the exact right food stuffs for your basket, SPG can put it in a nice bag or in one of our baskets for you, wrap it up nice, making the perfect handpicked gift.


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