Zingerman’s Real Cream Cheese – The Real Deal

In a world where one is never really sure about the things in their food, label or no – there is always something quite refreshing about the companies that keep things real. Like Zingerman’s Real Cream Cheese.

Sure, there is cheese with any number of crazy things inside – bacon, olives, a whole garden of veggies, but how about something so pure, so simple, that your tongue will give you a heavy handshake and the two of you will be best buds for eternity? Yeah – Zingerman’s cream cheese is kinda like that. It’s a soft and fluffy, it coats the palate with a cool blanket of rich flavor, it’s sweet but not overly sweetened – it’s our go-to cream cheese. This isn’t cream cheese in a pressed block or filled with additives – it’s real cream cheese. These masterpieces of milk are created at Zingerman’s using traditional techniques – hand ladled and not having any gums, preservatives, or sweeteners – this is unadulterated cream cheese.

At the store we use their cream cheese on bagels, as a spread, or just to make things just a big more creamy – a fantastic cheese to make our cafe items really shine. At home, use Zingerman’s Cream Cheese  on anything – from a topping to your pasta to the filler in your desert this cheese is the real deal. Pick up some Zingerman’s today, available in our grocery.

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