Wild Child Granola – A taste of the Midwest

Sure, we carry other granola, heck we even make our own. We love granola, and know that you do too. Sometimes it’s hard to find a good snack. One that stands up on it’s own, or has nice not-too-big chunks, and something made locally is always nice.

What about something that has all of these things? Wild Child Granola makes this happen with locally sourced midwestern growers and producers. They also toss in some amazing herbs that really make their granola unique; rosemary, lavender, and sage – unexpected savory flavors mingle in the sweet stacks of oats. Great stuff that is grown here in our wonderful midwestern countryside, packed up, and then placed on our shelves. The folks at Wild Child know that getting great ingridents is one thing, but getting the right ones is much more important, that is why we love their granola. They hunt and find what could be some of the best tasting locally made granola we’ve had.

Grab a bag and taste what the Midwest has to offer.

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  1. molly - December 6, 2011

    Love it!


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