Drink Deck Chicago – Next Year’s Bar Schedule

Chicago has a lot of bars. A whole lot of bars. Sure, by now you’ve found your local haunt, where you take your dates, or where you can catch your alma matter games. But you also want to discover some the greatest places the city has to offer but are not sure where to go. How about doing so but also saving a bit on your end?

Drink Deck does this as well as provides you with a useable deck of cards at the same time. What you get is 52bars with up to 30% off or cash off your bill for just $30. 52 bars, that is a possible new haunt a week, a place to ‘take the girls’ every 7 days, an all encompassing year of some of the best spots in Chicago. The folks over at Drink Deck have already done all of the hard work for you – sifting thought the pool of possible pubs. Hand picked places, distinguished deals, all you have to do is supply the friends and the good times will come. Drink Deck also comes equipped with the warm fuzzy of having a portion of the proceeds donated to the ONEHOPE Foundation.

Pick up a Drink Deck near our check out to get your 2012 bar adventure started today!

  1. Drink Deck - December 14, 2011

    Thanks for the post! Just a quick correction. The cards offer from $10 off up to 30% in some cases! See the full list of Chicago bars here: http://thedrinkdeck.com/category/chicago-bars/

    • jake - December 14, 2011

      Ah, thanks guys; fixed it. Love Drink Deck!


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