Golden Fig – Bridging Flavors in Shakers

Sweet and Salty. It’s the juxtaposition of flavors that has pushed food to magical places. It’s the thing that makes chocolate with sea salt shine, the reason why cookies almost always have a tiny bit of salt in them, and one of reasons to have finishing salt on hand. Golden Fig knows this combo well.

In the vast landscape of food in this country, a surprising winner of hearts comes to fruition in the midsection – Minneapolis, Minnesota. As a part of the food fabric that holds the two ends of the country together, Golden Fig accomplishes this with seeming ease.

What kind of sweet/salty mixes?

Golden Fig brings to life this tantalizing combo in some of what we at SPG call their ‘sweet salts’. We’ve picked some of our favorites: Chocolate Salt, Cinnamon Salt, and the Maple Pepper. They bring together some of the best flavor combos that we have found with these three small shakers, brining a twist to any dish.

What Do to do with them?

We love the Chocolate salt on top of rich dark cake, adding depth to chili, or adding a pinch into a steak rub; get your guests guessing at the secret. The cinnamon salt is perfect for dusting a chicken breast, adding to a fish rub, or a dash on top of dark chocolate sorbet. The sweet cinnamon will heighten a rich, savory flavor in new and wonderful ways in your plates. The maple pepper is fantastic on eggs, sprinkled on bacon before cooking, or added to a pork dish. Find what you think may be interesting, bake with the mixes, try it and we’re sure you’ll surprise yourself.

Where to get it?

Bring a taste to both ends of your tongue together for a fantastic way to add flavor to a whole variety of dishes by picking up a shaker jar today from our grocery. Looking for a particular Golden Fig blend were out of? Let us know, we’ll do what we can to get more to you and fill our shelves.

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