December 2011 Posting Thanks

It’s that time again! We were super busy keeping up with the holidays and getting our 4 Fortnights together (link)

Chef Suzanne Vizethann, of ‘Chopped’ fame, posted a teaser about Southport Grocery in her blog A One Night Stage – can’t wait to hear from her!

Chicago Magazine wrote a great holiday guide! They included us, featuring our totally sweet gift baskets (we do year-round by the way)! We’re at the bottom of page 1.

From Jeff Eats Chicago, we were named dropped in a recent post – but we didn’t get a chance to thank him for our post in October; thanks a bunch Jeff!

In her her blog caffeinerd, Elena writes updates of style, (which we love) activities, and food. She and her friends came for a visit here in December and took some great photos – thanks for stopping in and the great write up!

Kit(tchen) wrote up a chicken recipe inspired by our omelet – looks really good, you’ve given us some ideas too.

Grapeful took in a weekend with the girls – stopping in at SPG to bunch. Glad you ladies came by!

Metromix Chicago did a great write up on 9 locally made gift ideas – a totally awesome Jo Snow was first on the list (with us listed). We share in their love of Jo Snow, she’s doing great work.

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  1. Elena - January 4, 2012

    Aww, thanks for the shout-out. 🙂 Now that I’ve given out the Christmas gifts, can say I loved giving my mom your honey sampler–and my sister some delicious-looking confetti chocolate.


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